Home News Three-ton battery-powered luxury: The world’s top electric car has arrived in Slovakia for 400,000 euros

Three-ton battery-powered luxury: The world’s top electric car has arrived in Slovakia for 400,000 euros

Three-ton battery-powered luxury: The world’s top electric car has arrived in Slovakia for 400,000 euros

The pressure of European legislators for low emissions and the promotion of electromobility has pushed car companies to the point that practically every brand operating in Europe already offers a fully electric vehicle in its portfolio. And this despite the fact that the definitive version for internal combustion engines will come “until” 2035. Even those from whom few expected it a few years ago have already jumped on this electric wave – an example is the king of the automotive world, the British Rolls-Royce .

Under the hoods of its models, for many years exclusively top-tuned twelve-cylinder gasoline units have been hidden, so the jump directly into the world of purely electric drive in 2022 was surprising for many. However, one of the founders of the brand, Charles Stewart Rolls, believed in electromobility already in 1900. He considered the electric car to be perfectly silent and clean, but he could only imagine success when charging stations could be built.

So Specter is not a random shot of the brand, by 2030 the car company’s portfolio will even be fully electric. Specter represents the cornerstone of this transition to emission-free vehicles, it is the manufacturer’s first series-produced electric car and at the same time one of the most luxurious in the world. Although Specter made its world debut in 2022, this week it also visited Bratislava for the Slovak premiere. At the same time, we have already covered several kilometers behind its wheel in absolute luxury.

Sold out for this year. Even with an astronomical price

“Rolls-Royce is a British success story and the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy has become a unique symbol for the best of Britain. I am very pleased that the Rolls-Royce brand has decided to present this exceptional new car in Bratislava, and I am very proud that here in Slovakia we can show the best of British design, technology and craftsmanship,” said Nigel Baker, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Slovakia, in his opening speech.

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