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Three important things to know while buying a mobile phone

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All the new Android devices with different features are coming in the market constantly. Most features attract customers. However, before buying an Android operating system smartphone, you need to know a few things.

According to Gadgets Now, an Indian technology-based media outlet, buyers check three things while buying a mobile phone. Smartphone should be bought after checking these three features of the mobile phone. In the case of such a laptop, you need to look at these features and buy.

Counterpoint Research has compiled a list of the things that consumers check the most while buying a smartphone. They say, 76 percent of mobile buyers in India look at performance, 66 percent look at graphics and gaming capabilities. Apart from this, 62 percent of buyers check whether the phone has 5G.

As such, chipset capabilities are the most scrutinized. These chipset capabilities are taken very seriously in all phones in the market. How it will work depends on the performance of Apple, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Most buyers look for MediaTek when it comes to chipsets. This MediaTek chipset was the most popular late last year. Most of the buyers think that the phone works well.

Apart from this, the performance of the smartphone depends on the processor and RAM. You’ll need a newer processor with at least 4GB of RAM to get the best performance on an Android phone. The best processor for Android is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus.

In terms of memory, modern smartphones are now available with built-in storage. Starting from 16 GB it can be up to 512 GB. At least 64GB of memory is recommended for optimal use. Adequate memory speeds up device performance. Apart from this, the memory of your smartphone can also be increased using an SD card.


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