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Threat to beat publisher, GD against Zilla Parishad Chairman

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Chairman of Patuakhali Zilla Parishad Adv. GD has been made against Hafizur Rahman. Golam Sarwar, publisher of the local ‘Dainik Patuakhali Pratidin’ newspaper, made this general diary at Badal Sadar police station on Saturday night.

It is known that the GD was made on the charge of threatening to beat Golam Sarwar Badal, the publisher of daily Patuakhali Pratidin. GD No. 1039 of Patuakhali Sadar Police Station dated 20/01/2024 by him in this regard.

Earlier, the video of the threat given by the district chairman went viral on social media. This resulted in mixed reactions in the city.

A video of 11 minutes and 14 seconds of such a speech was posted on Facebook by an ID named Kamrul Islam at the opening ceremony of the district rickshaw puller union office in front of the municipality on Friday, January 19. Which instantly went viral on social media.

It can be seen in the video, during 10 minutes and 4 seconds of this video of 11 minutes and 14 seconds, Zilla Parishad Chairman Adv. Hafizur Rahman said in his speech, ‘A kuchkri mahal is harming us Patuakhali residents. You all know Mayor Badal. In a meeting, I said, if I had the power, I would have lifted his butt and beaten him.’ At this time, everyone present shouted that it was right.

Golam Sarwar, publisher of daily Patuakhali daily, said, ‘Terrorist’s job is to threaten. He has a chair to threaten, I have to do something. I have informed the administration. I made a general diary at the police station. The rest is a matter of administration.’

Patuakhali Zilla Parishad Chairman Adv. Hafizur Rahman said, ‘This is not a threat of attack. (Badal) is really a bad natured person. 13 bridges of Patuakhali have been canceled for him. If there were bridges, the beauty of Patuakhali would increase.’ Saying this, he disconnected the phone.

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Patuakhali Sadar Police Station. Jasim Uddin acknowledged the general diary and said, ‘We will send this (general diary) to the learned court. Further legal action will be taken as directed by the court.’


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