Home News Those who can go to Ambani’s wedding from this country

Those who can go to Ambani’s wedding from this country

Those who can go to Ambani’s wedding from this country

India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani is getting his younger son married. After a few months, however, that event. Before this, a pre-wedding ceremony was held recently. We are all a bit tired of seeing the expenditure and spontaneous participation of celebrities from various fields and reading and watching news and videos related to it. How much time can be spent watching the hustle and bustle of the house next door! Someday I may want to dance myself, or not?

If you think about this one thing, your chest will become familiar every now and then. No one from our country participated in Ambani’s son’s pre-wedding. But Shah Rukh – from Salman to Zuckerberg or Bill Gates – who was not in that event! But we will not be invited to the wedding as a pre-wedding ceremony? Do we really lack celebrities?

I am telling you earlier, it is Ambanis’s mistake. There is no dearth of celebrities and influential star personalities in this Bengaluru. At least there are many star personalities in our country who want to dance a little while going to someone’s wedding. The problem is, the Ambanis did not recognize them!

Now, let’s find out who should attend the Ambanis wedding. Remember, if they don’t go, the wedding ceremony of Ambanis will lose a lot of color. It can even turn completely white!

Take this for example, we have such presenters, who can easily increase Facebook-YouTube views by working upside down on the presentation stage. Sometimes asking random questions, sometimes expressing offensive body language, sometimes touching an adult who came for an interview and then speaking again with a raised voice—such incidents happen frequently. I can confirm that if he presents on the stage of the Oscars, it will be a one-two punch like in 2022. We have this belief that he will be able to create a situation where he needs to go higher than that. And the debate means but the content will eat hits on Facebook-Youtube. So if the Ambani family wants to do something (!) on Facebook-YouTube, we have no choice but to take that gem of the presentation world!

Now think about dancing. Pictures and videos of Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan entwining their necks at Anant Ambani’s pre-wedding have already gone viral. For this they got 4 to 5 crore rupees. Understand once, what a waste of money! Just to swing the leg-waist means so much expense! But there are heroes in our country who can shake all the body parts just by standing still without taking any foot steps. He can spend 15 to 30 minutes replaying the same pose over and over again. The most important thing is that he does not cheat with billions of rupees like the Khans of neighboring countries. Instead of giving digbaji free with dance!

See, we’re a nation used to getting cholesterol free with soybean oil. Free as we take, so we give. It is on this principle that if our hero goes to the wedding of Ambanis, he will be able to dance for free. Ambanis do not want to get something for free?

Let’s talk about the song. The Ambanis brought in Rihanna for the English song. Some people must have been brought in for songs in other languages ​​including Hindi. But, think once! Everyone in the audience is requesting a singer one after another to sing songs in different languages, and that singer without a word sometimes Bengali, sometimes Hindi, sometimes English, sometimes Swahili, sometimes Egyptian secret language or sometimes aliens in a language not understood or known ( Who knows if it’s a language at all!) He is singing, singing! Means instant delivery of songs like instant noodles. Even if the melody, rhythm or rhythm do not match, it is certain that the Ambanis will eat the teeth in the performance of our ‘hero’! Still, if such a singer or hero in particular does not get an invitation to the Ambanis’ wedding, it goes without saying that it is sad.

See, perform, dance, sing—everything but the alternative has been shown. Apart from this, you can say that the Ambanis have done various dhandas (business and what else!) by spending more than thousands of crores of rupees. Will that be given to us?’

Now listen. Please don’t be discouraged. We do not lack anything. He knows about presentation, dancing or singing. Apart from this, our stars have the ability to open showrooms even after leaving the field or taking a break for two innings. Don’t play the mic just because we don’t have pride! We believe that what people call big is big. That is, the work of talking about our capabilities will be done by ordinary people. This is how reputation spreads!

And did you mention money? That’s dirt on our hands. In that case too, we have all the stars, who can open a crocodile farm in Jamnagar by going to the Ambanis’ wedding. The crocodile will lay empty golden eggs! If you request too much, it may come down to silver. But the original egg will never lay! Tell me, who will benefit?

Let’s talk a lot. Still, if we don’t get invited to the Ambanis’ wedding, then at the end of the day, we have no loss. The value of money is equal to the mountain. What will happen, Ambani will cheat!