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Those who are challenging the boat at Lalmonirhat

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In the two constituencies of Lalmonirhat, although the Awami League and independent candidates are fiercely contested, a young candidate is running on the plow symbol as Jatiya Party chairman GM Kader is not a candidate for the Sadar seat. Voters are looking for a new face in this election. Meanwhile, in the remaining two seats, independent candidates have contested.

Lalmonirhat-1 constituencies consist of Patgram and Hatibandha upazilas. Former state minister Motahar Hossain is the candidate for this seat. Although he has been elected repeatedly, he will have to compete strongly with independent candidate Ataur Rahman Pradhan in this election.

Lalmonirhat-2 consists of Kaliganj and Aditmari upazilas. In this constituency, two Awami League leaders of the district are fighting for votes, continuing their campaign. Social welfare minister Nuruzzaman Ahmed of boat symbol, another district Awami League vice-president independent candidate Sirajul Haque. Voters are optimistic that there will be extreme competition with the boat symbol in these two seats.

Meanwhile, voters are looking for a new face in this year’s election as 4-time Jatiya Party MP and Jatiya Party Chairman GM Kader is not a candidate in Lalmonirhat-3 Sadar Constituency. However, the young candidate Zahid Hasan Limon is electing with the plow symbol in this seat. Awami League wants to get the seat because the seat of the district headquarters is important. District Awami League General Secretary Md. Motiar Rahman is contesting in this seat with the boat symbol.

A total of 19 candidates including Awami League, Jatiya Party, Jasad are contesting in the district. Since the official election campaign started, the streets of villages and towns of the 3 constituencies of the district have been covered with miking, banners and black and white posters. Towns and villages have become busy with processions. Candidates participating in the election and their workers-supporters are openly going to the door of the voters asking for votes and prayers. Candidates are having a busy time. As election day approaches, the heat is increasing.

Lalmonirhat District Awami League general secretary Md. Matiar Rahman, the candidate of Sadar Constituency Boat, said, ‘We have started campaigning since the allocation of symbols. We are working among the district leaders union leaders voters. There was great excitement and a tide built in favor of the boat. The people of Lalmonirhat who were deprived for a long time could not vote by boat, they had to vote by plough. Since Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina flagged off the boat at Lalmonirhat, people are preparing to celebrate a poll festival with great enthusiasm and excitement.’

Md. Zahid Hasan, the candidate of the plow symbol of Lalmonirhat-3 constituency, said, ‘I believe that Jatiya Party’s seat has always been there and still is. If there is a fair election then Jatiya Party will win here with huge votes inshallah. But I think Allready is showing fear-mongering in some places. Reign of terror has been established especially in Mahendranagar Union. We hope the Returning Officer and the administration agencies will look into this Mahendranagar matter. Trying to intimidate other unions too.’

Ataur Rahman Pradhan, an independent candidate of Lalmonirhat-1 constituency, said, ‘The government has said that this year there will be a free fair and participatory election and I believe it will be. The people of Patgram Hatibandha Upazila will not hesitate so much to implement their judgment. If I am elected by the people’s vote, I will try to solve all the problems in this area.’

The general voter said, ‘We are seeking security from the government so that we can vote properly in the upcoming national elections. Our Lalmonirhat seat was plowed till now. There has been no development in our seat. We will look for new candidates. May we develop in the seat of Sadar.’

Another voter said, ‘We have Jatiya Party MP three times one by one from Lalmonihat Sadar. We do not do any developmental work. This time our boat brand, independent, national party is standing. We will vote for him through whom development work will be done.’

A resident of Chit Mahal said, ‘I am a resident of Chit Mahal. We are now permanently a voter of Bangladesh. If the candidate is good in the election, people will choose him and if he is a party symbol, people will also choose him. However, I am hopeful that the election will be festive due to the two candidates. We will have a transparent election to meet the demands of the people of Chit Mahal and the person who will be good will develop. We want an elected member of parliament. Through which not only the enclave, but good people should be elected in that area.’

Another voter said, ‘I am a voter, I want that as promised by the Prime Minister, if the law and order forces conduct a fair and impartial election, we common voters can go to the polling center in a festive manner. If we can send a good man to the parliament, then I think our future expectations will be fulfilled.

A total of 3 constituencies in bordering Lalmonirhat district. Total voters in these three constituencies are 10 lakh 62 thousand 996 people. Among them 5 lakh 33 thousand 251 men. 5 lakh 29 thousand 743 female voters, two are transgender. However, voters will choose the candidate who will develop the area in this election.


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