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Those who are at risk of losing their jobs this year

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For the past few weeks, famous US companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet have been laying off workers on a large scale. And this indicates that this trend of retrenchment may continue throughout the year. United Parcel Service, an American-based multinational company, said on Tuesday local time that they will lay off 12,000 workers.

The American newspaper Bloomberg has published a news about who may lose their jobs in an organization this year. The organization compiled the report by interviewing US economists, recruiting firms, consulting firms and career coaches.

Those who are at risk of losing their jobs

Analysts see middle-class workers and those who don’t work from offices at risk of losing their jobs this year.

Companies often target middle-class workers for layoffs, said Daniel Zhao, chief economist at US firm Glassdoor. It is also easier to lay off employees away from the office. It’s easy to exclude people you don’t interact with on a daily basis.

George Penn, managing vice president of consulting firm Gartner, said two factors are considered in layoffs. Is the worker now making money for the firm? Will the worker earn money for the firm in the future? If one cannot answer yes to this question then one should be careful.


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