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Those involved in artificial price hike are being identified: Livestock Minister

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Fisheries and Livestock Minister said that those involved in the artificial price increase of products are being identified. Abdur Rahman. He said this at a workshop on mother hilsa conservation in the conference room of the Department of Fisheries on Wednesday afternoon.

Md. Abdur Rahman said, ‘The main task of the government led by Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina is to guarantee the basic things of people. The issue of rising commodity prices has become a major issue lately. The process of identification of those involved in artificial inflation is underway. Unscrupulous traders who want to make people suffer by increasing prices by manipulation will not be exempted under any circumstances.’

Livestock Minister said, ‘It is the commitment of the present government to take tough and strict measures against them. The current government must give priority to the basic issues of people’s relief, people’s peace, safety of their lives and property.’

At this time, the production of hilsa will be increased with a research plan. Abdur Rahman. He said, ‘Hilsha is our place of pride, so Hilsa is also a big area of ‚Äč‚Äčearning foreign exchange in the national economy. So we want to go ahead with nurturing it, taking care of it and various research projects to make it more productive and really treat it as a great resource.’

Highlighting the plan to increase the production of hilsa, the minister said, ‘The shortage of hilsa in the country is facing some challenges. It is necessary to pass from those places. The migration path of hilsa must be made smooth and safe. If not, the production of hilsa will be hindered. For this, the coordinated initiative of various ministries of the government is necessary. Besides, it is important to make a precise list of actual fishermen. In this case, we have to get out of nepotism.’

Md. Abdur Rahman also said, ‘Jatka killing must be stopped and anyone using illegal nets will be punished. Apart from this, a social campaign should be done with the fishermen and fishermen of the area related to Abhayashram. Alternative employment will be provided for them in addition to VGF during the period of closure of fishing.

Livestock Minister also commented that there is a need to change the mentality of middlemen to make double profit than entrepreneurs. He said, “Despite the availability of hilsa in the market, the price of hilsa for middlemen goes beyond the purchasing power of many classes of people. The ministry will work on this.’


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