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This woman painted on her own body

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A woman from South Korea made a canvas of her body and painted a picture around the world. These pictures drawn by him have gone viral on social media. According to the American broadcasting media CNN, the name of this exceptional woman is Dine Yun.

Dine Yun said, ‘The pictures are definitely beautiful to me. But to many it is frightening.’

This South Korean woman paints surreal pictures on her face and body. Because of this, the images may seem scary to some. Since 2016, 30-year-old Dain Yun has been very popular on social media.

Dain Yun said that his pictures are most viewed from Europe and America. The US media also reported on him. After that, he mainly attracted attention in his own country.

This is usually the case in South Korea, says the exceptional artist. After attracting attention abroad, the people of their own country pay attention. It’s not just me. The same thing happened to other Korean artists and singers. First foreigners give importance, then Koreans praise him.

This artist usually paints surreal pictures of his own face. That’s why he enjoys the way people look at his face while walking, Dine Yun said. Recently he has worked with musicians such as Halsey and James Blake. Apart from this, he has also worked with brands like Estee Lauder, BMW, Apple and Adidas.

Yun said that he never edits his drawings before publishing them on social media. He also said, “I only need a mirror, a camera and body paint to paint.” It takes three to 12 hours to capture each image. It is difficult to work on other models for such a long time. So I became a model myself.

Many viewers have said that Yun’s paintings are dizzying and disturbing. Because his drawing changes the shape of his face. Sometimes it seems distorted. But some viewers also appreciate his work. They said Yun drew funny pictures. Most of the time his works reveal the inner psyche of people.


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