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This time, the Houthi rocket attack on the US warship

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Yemen’s Houthis claim to have attacked a US warship in the Gulf of Aden. US warship Lewis B. in the Gulf of Aden on Sunday. Houthis launched a rocket attack on Pular. The group made this claim in a statement on Monday. However, it is not known how many people were injured.

The news agency Reuters says that the Yemeni Houthi group supported by Iran did not say where the attack took place in the Gulf of Aden. This warship provided logistical support to the US Navy. The Houthis say the attack was carried out in protest on behalf of the persecuted Palestinians in Gaza.

However, the US administration did not confirm whether any of its warships were attacked.

Tensions have started again in the Middle East. Three soldiers were killed yesterday in a drone attack on a US base in Jordan. Apart from this, at least 34 others were injured.

This was reported in a report by the British media BBC.

On Sunday, the Central Command of the US Army said in a statement that a drone attack was carried out on a base in the northeastern region of Jordan, bordering Syria. This casualty occurred.

However, Jordan claims that their territory was not attacked. The attack took place inside Syria.

US President Joe Biden has issued a strict warning about this attack. He blamed Iran-backed armed groups for the attack.


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