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This time on the way to the century

by Afonso
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Old Desi Onion and Indian Onion have already done century. This time the onion is walking on the same path. Chopped onions are being sold at Tk 95 per kg in the market of the capital.

The price of onion is increasing by leaps and bounds in the market of the capital every day. Despite adequate supply, the price of onion has increased by Rs 15 in just two days. The sellers claim that the price of onion is increasing due to reduced supply.

Sellers complain that since the season of murikata onion is coming to an end, some unscrupulous traders have taken this opportunity to increase the prices.

In the capital’s caravan market, it can be seen that chopped onions are being sold at Tk 95 per kg. Two days ago, its price was 80 rupees. Old country onion 120 taka. Which was 100 to 110 taka last week. Indian onion 100 taka per kg. Which was 90 to 95 taka per kg last week.

Prices of other products are increasing along with onion. A dozen eggs are being sold at Tk 140 with an increase of Tk 5 in a week. New potatoes, however, are being sold at the previous rate, 45 to 50 taka.

Meanwhile, broiler chicken is being sold at Tk 200 per kg. Which was 200 rupees last week. Golden chicken 300 to 310 taka per kg. Beef is being sold at Tk 720 to Tk 750 per kg on the pretext of loss. 1,500 to 1,000 taka per kg of beef.

On the other hand, the prices of winter vegetables are also high in the market even during the peak season. Although there is sufficient supply, beans, chichingangar 80 kg, brinjal-corolla 120 and papaya-turnip-radish have to be bought at Tk 40 per kg.

Common people are in trouble due to this increased price of daily commodities. They want government intervention to control the price.

Nurul Haque, a resident of Malibagh, said, “The prices of all kinds of daily commodities in the market are rising. Even in the winter season, the price of vegetables is higher. Ramadan is ahead. The government should monitor the market regularly.’

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has ordered to reduce the duty on edible oil, sugar, dates and rice in the coming Ramadan. Besides, the National Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection will be in a strict position to control the market. All kinds of products have been supplied around Ramadan in the last two months.


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