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This time, Messi did not get the love of Bangladesh

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Lionel Messi won FIFA’s best of the year for the eighth time. Messi is still the best player of the year after leaving Europe and perhaps this year’s award is the most controversial. Messi finished first as the first choice in the national team captains’ vote, despite scoring equal points with Manchester City star Arling Holland.

One of them is Jamal Bhuiyan of Bangladesh. Messi is the best player of the year in the eyes of Jamal. According to the captain of the Bangladesh national team, Holland is the second best treble winner for City. Third best is City’s Kevin De Bruyne.

Not only captains, but also national team coaches, selected media representatives from each country and general football-fans voted for FIFA Best. In the eyes of captains and supporters, Messi is ahead, but according to coaches and journalists, Holland is the best.

It has also been seen in Bangladesh. Messi did not get a place in the top three of national team coach Javier Cabrera. Holland is the best in the eyes of the Spanish coach of Bangladesh. The treble-winning City team received Cabrera’s remaining two votes. The second midfielder in Cabrera’s eyes is Rodri, the third is Ilkay Gundoyan, who currently plays for Barcelona.

Raihan Mahmud has voted as the representative of the journalists of Bangladesh. He also felt that Holland deserved the 2023 award. However, he did not push Messi away like Kabrera. Keeping Messi in the second place, he kept Gundwan in the third place. And all three of Bangladesh agree about Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola in the selection of the best male coach.

Sabina Khatun failed in the selection of the best player in the girls category. The first, second and third captains of the Bangladesh women’s team were Hinata Miyazawa, Sam Carr and Alex Greenwood. None of the three made it to the top three. Coach Saiful Bari and media representative Mujibur Rahman chose as the best, Aitana Bonmati became the best of the year.


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