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This time after the toss, Indian captain Rohit forgot his teammate’s name

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Times change, circumstances change, but Rohit Sharma’s ‘disease’ of forgetting never goes away. In the first T20 of the series against Afghanistan today in Mohali, the Indian captain forgot the name of his team player!

India won the toss and fielded first. Former Indian spinner Murali Karthik, who was in the role of coordinator at that time, asked Rohit about who is not playing in the Indian team today. Rohit said the names of Sanju Samson, Abesh Khan, Yasswi Jaiswal correctly, but after that he could not remember another name!

‘Many regulars are not able to play today, if you tell the news of your team’ – this was the question of Murali Karthik. In reply, Rohit initially said, ‘I am telling you the names of those who are not able to play. Those who are unable to play are – Sanju, Abesh, Yasswi who has a muscle strain… um… there was another one….’ This started the struggle of not remembering Rohit’s name.

Once again he tried to remember the rest of the previous names in the same pull, then came his simple confession, ‘Abesh, Sanju…I already told you the name!’ Murali Karthik then reminded, ‘Kuldeep!’ But after hearing the name, Rohit took a second to remember, ‘No, Kuldeep is playing. Oh, no, yes, it’s Kuldeep (not playing)!’

The laugh-out-loud moment has gone viral on social media. Rohit’s forgetfulness is not new. In an interview in 2017, Virat Kohli jokingly said, ‘Rohit forgets so many things!’ Evidence of that has been seen several times in the last year.

After winning the toss in the second ODI of the series against New Zealand at home in January, Rohit fell into confusion when deciding whether to bat or bowl. Couldn’t remember what was decided in the team meeting – batting or bowling. After scratching his head, he hesitantly said, ‘We will take bowling.’ Rohit Sharma left his passport at the hotel on his way home after winning the Asia Cup title in September.

India bowled well today against Afghanistan after Rohit’s ‘new episode’. Afghans scored 158 runs for 5 wickets in 20 overs, Mohammad Nabi scored the maximum 42 runs (2 fours and 3 sixes from 27 balls). At the time of writing, India’s runs are 19 for 1 in 3 overs.

Rohit forgot to run in the match. Got out for 0 runs off 2 balls.


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