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This Swift has a Guinness record for naming 34 songs in a minute

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Fans do many things to love or surprise their favorite hero-heroine, singer-singer. This is a unique example of that. This superfan of ‘Lavender Hedge’ famous singer Taylor Swift named 34 songs in one minute. He is now the number one Swifty in the internet world. Pakistani youth Bilal Ilyas Jhandir is entitled to achieve this unprecedented achievement. The 20-year-old was named by the Guinness World Records platform on Friday (January 26).

Indian media Hindustan Times reported that the pop star’s 50 best-selling songs were randomly ordered. Bilal was able to name 34 from there. The record was previously held by UK radio host Dan Simpson. In 2019, he was able to identify 27 songs.

An initial selection of songs was read aloud by one person, and from there Bilal was able to name 34 of Taylor’s favorite songs. The task was very difficult, as there was no music to accompany the song. Only the lyrics! Describing himself as a die-hard fan of the singer, Bilal said, ‘I have listened to every song of hers. I can identify almost any of his songs from the lyrics.’

Bilal was also preparing for this exam. He thinks that honoring the singer by breaking the Guinness record is the best way in the world. Bilal has prepared for 13 long weeks for this achievement. He did a session to make the lyrics stick in his mind. Sometimes it even happened—he recited them even in his sleep.

Bilal finds the training sessions very ‘easy work’. Because he regularly listens to Taylor Swift’s music and naturally almost the lyrics are on his lips. Bilal is proud of the ‘Officially Amazing Swifty’ recognition. He also said that he listened to Swift since he was 13 years old. This singer’s ‘Folklore’ is her favorite album.

Such a big record is nothing new for Bilal. He has previously held two Guinness World Records titles. In 2021, he set a Guinness record for the first time by identifying maximum 23 animals from animal sounds in one minute. Another, in 2023, broke Justin Bieber’s record by identifying 29 songs in one minute.


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