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This popular app is taking the mobile password!

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US citizens are in a lot of trouble with the Chinese short-form video app TikTok. Mobile passcode is required before using this popular app. But not everyone is asking for this code. This message is being sent to some iPhone users selectively.

Some iPhone users have posted about this on social media Reddit. They say, this code is asked only after entering Tiktok. The app cannot be used without the code. PhoneArena has published a report on this.

Gadgets, a technology-based Indian media outlet, says that there have been accusations of data theft against TikTok before. According to a report published last August, the Chinese app TikTok is able to take all the information of iOS. After knowing this information of iPhone, users are in crisis.

However, TikTok did not comment on this.

Chinese video hosting app TikTok was banned in the Asian country of Nepal last November. The country’s government banned TikTok by accusing it of destroying social harmony. According to the British media BBC, this is the first time that the country has implemented the law related to social media.

China’s ByteDance-owned TikTok app was earlier banned by several countries around the world, including India. This year, the authorities of the US state of Montana also banned the app.

Nepal’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma told BBC Nepali that TikTok spreads harmful content in the society. This is why the app is banned. And this ban will be effective from now. The Telecom Authority of Nepal has been informed in this regard.

However, an MP of the government is criticizing this ban. The MP named Gagan Thapa is the leader of a party in the government coalition. He said, the government should think more before giving this ban. Freedom of expression has been undermined through this.

The app is being banned in some countries due to fears that the Chinese government is stealing information from various countries through TikTok. However, the company that owns it, ByteDance, has been denying this allegation.


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