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This popular app has been deleted the most

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People’s interest in social media has increased more than ever. Due to this, these apps are also being installed more. Many apps are being installed for emergency purposes as well. But even in this many apps have been deleted from the phone. Everyone should be surprised to hear the name that is on top of this list.

American-based technology company TRG Datacenter says in a report that this year the social media Instagram app has been deleted the most. How to delete Instagram – This year, an average of 1 million people wrote and searched for this every month.

According to Indian Express, there are currently 4.8 billion social media users in the world. An average person uses 5-7 social media every month. Spend more than two hours on average every day.

But some social media are starting to lose importance. Mater Threads gained 100 million users in just 5 days and later lost 80 percent of its users.

Chris Hinkel, chief technology officer at technology firm TRG Datacenter, said people are turning away from social media. Proof of this is wanting to delete Instagram. Now they want a medium where they can do everything their way.


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