Home News This is the security and emergency device for Holy Week in Madrid

This is the security and emergency device for Holy Week in Madrid

This is the security and emergency device for Holy Week in Madrid

The City Council of This Wednesday, Madrid presented the security device for the days of Holy Weekwhich will have more than 1,300 agents and 200 health workers to guarantee security in a year in which all processions will pass through kilometer 0 of Puerta del Sol.

The vice mayor and delegate of the Security and Emergencies Area, Inma Sanz, shared the details in an event organized in Puerta del Sol, where this year, as a novelty, all the brotherhoods will pass with the aim of “favor the tourist promotion of Madrid’s Holy Week by giving it greater emphasis”, as reported by the Consistory.

Sanz explained during the presentation that Holy Week in Madrid “is getting more and more popular” and has “more presence of both Madrid residents who stay on these dates to enjoy the city’s processions”, and “many people who come from the rest of the provinces” and from “foreign visitors”.

In this sense, he stated that he will try to “guarantee as much as possible that the events and scheduled appointments” take place with “total normality” and “that they can be enjoyed by everyone with maximum safety.”


The operation will be deployed primarily in the Centerin charge of agents from the Centro Norte and Centro Sur police stations, both uniformed and plainclothes, the latter to prevent theft, illegal street vending and other infractions. The quota will be reinforced with those of the Central Security Police Stationwith teams from the Air Support Section (drones), the Cavalry Squadron and the canine section.

Police officers will be alerted so that, in the event of detecting major problems that may affect pedestrian mobility, the installation of filters, access controls to certain roads and streets, the implementation of one-way pedestrian access to the streets that may be especially affected or even their temporary closure, as happened at some times during Christmas.

Traffic and Samur

Regarding traffic, the City Council will establish restriction measures for heavy vehicles for the events that take place in the Center district, in view of the anticipation of accumulations of people. Thus, vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3,500 kilograms intended for the transport of goods and people will be prohibited from circulation, with the exception of EMT buses.

The municipal out-of-hospital emergency service, SAMUR-Civil Protection, will also establish a device on the occasion of Holy Week made up of more than 200 health workerswhich will be present in the main processions of the city, with greater reinforcement on the days with the greatest expected influx, such as Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

Finally, as a novelty for this year, the Madrid Municipal Police Corps will process for the first time, together with the National Police Corps and the Civil Guard, in the procession of the Christ of Medinaceli, which will take place on the afternoon of Good Friday, starting at 7:00 p.m., with departure and arrival from the Basilica of Jesús de Medinaceli.