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Things to keep in mind before buying an Android device

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There are many feature-packed smartphones in the market. However, it is better to decide in advance which phone you should buy. Which operating system device to buy is important, especially Android or iOS. All the new Android devices with different features are coming in the market constantly. Most features attract customers. However, before buying an Android operating system smartphone, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Processor and RAM
The performance of the smartphone depends on these two factors, processor and RAM. You’ll need a newer processor with at least 4GB of RAM to get the best performance on an Android phone. The best processor for Android is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus.

In terms of memory, modern smartphones are now available with built-in storage. Starting from 16 GB it can be up to 512 GB. At least 64GB of memory is recommended for optimal use. Adequate memory speeds up device performance. Apart from this you can also increase the memory of your smartphone using an SD card.

Internal storage
A smartphone does not run well only if the processor is strong. In this case, the smartphone can be used safely if it has 128 GB storage of UFS 3 or 4 version with 8 GB LPDDR5 or 5X RAM. More storage does not necessarily mean that a device will perform better.

Display protection
AMOLED, Full HD Plus resolution and high refresh rate are some of the features of the good display. But many people don’t see what protection is there from scratches or stains. But currently, Gorilla Glass Victus is offered in various smartphones. It protects the device from any kind of scratches and makes it durable.

Wireless charging technology
While this feature may not be available in mid-range or low-end smartphones, it remains to be seen if flagship devices have it. Wireless charging technology makes it convenient to charge devices in any situation. Its maximum capacity is 15 watts, which does not affect the battery.

the camera
Apart from the megapixels, it is also necessary to see how the focus system of the smartphone camera is. It is important to have a telephoto lens system among multiple cameras. A telephoto lens with good aperture and the ability to zoom up to five times will take the smartphone camera to another height.

Future security
Consider design and construction materials in addition to other hardware to future-proof your device. In this case, before buying your smartphone, note the maintenance policies of different brands. Check if there is a guaranteed policy.

Apart from this, you must first be aware of whether the smartphone is genuine or not. Buy your phone from a trusted store. Know the phone well before buying it. Now there are various websites through which one can compare specifications and price ranges. Apart from these things, it is important to check things like proper brightness of the display, size of the display, ease of use of SD card, headphone jack.


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