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Things to do before selling a used smartphone

by Afonso
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Currently, various companies are bringing the latest smartphones in the market. All modern facilities are added to it. As a result, many people sell their old smartphones to buy new devices based on their needs or priorities. There are several things to do before selling the phone for personal protection.

First, log out all the accounts logged into the smartphone. Especially Google Account, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, X and Play Store. If they are logged in, important information can be stolen. Apart from this, apps like WhatsApp and Telegram should be logged out as well as uninstalled.

After account logout the microSD card in the device must be removed. Many sell smartphones with cards. As a result, there is a risk of data loss.

Before selling the used phone, the search history of all places including Google must be deleted. This should be done everywhere from web browser to call history or YouTube.

All extra installed apps should be uninstalled. And finally, the smartphone should be reset after backing up all the files and images. This will delete all types of files and cache history on the device. It will feel like a new phone. But before that, you must save the photos, contacts and various files on the phone.

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