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Thieves ride a horse to steal a gift box, then…

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It is said that once upon a time there were robberies on horses. However, this is unlikely at present. But recently this has happened in India. Two thieves came to steal on horses in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. The video of that incident went viral.

According to Indian media reports, the incident took place at a temple in Barra-6 area of ​​Kanpur district on the night of December 20. That night, two thieves came to steal the temple in Kanpur on horseback. This incident was caught in the CCTV camera footage of the temple. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

In the CCTV footage, two thieves came in front of the temple late at night on a horse. A man dismounted from a horse and approached the donation box placed in front of the temple entrance. Tried to steal it for quite some time. And his companion was sitting on the horse. Was watching to see if anyone was coming.

The donation box was attached to a steel railing. As a result, despite many attempts, the thieves could not loot it. While pulling the donation box, a dog came and started barking. Then several dogs came and gathered. Local residents woke up to the call of dogs.

In the last part of the CCTV footage, the two thieves flee after realizing that the residents have woken up. One is riding a horse, and the other is running away. And local residents are rushing to the scene. Some ran to chase the thieves.


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