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They lost their ministry and returned to their old profession

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Two former ministers and a state minister have recently returned to the legal profession after losing their ministry. Nurul Islam Sujan, Shm Rezaul Karim and Mahbub Ali have started fighting the case for the last two days. They said that there is no difficulty in this challenge, rather there is pleasure. Best wishes to those who have become ministers.

Nurul Islam Sujan, a lawyer of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, has returned to the legal field after almost 5 years. His colleagues are happy to have the newly ex-railway minister back again. He was again elected as a member of Parliament in the 12th National Parliament election. However, he did not get the ministry. He started fighting cases as a lawyer again.

Former Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan said, ‘Here is an additional opportunity to provide the service to the candidates. That opportunity was not there when he was a minister. From that side, I feel a little free.’

Former Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sh M Rezaul Karim has started sitting in the Supreme Court bar chamber from Sunday. The hearing of the case is continuing. He said, those who have come to the new responsibilities in the ministry will do better.

Sh. Rezaul Karim said, ‘I have welcomed the new cabinet made by the Honorable Prime Minister. All of them have good background. They have political experience, educational qualifications. I hope they will do well.’

Former State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism Mahbub Ali has returned to the court after being defeated by another lawyer of the Supreme Court, Syed Sayedul Haque Sumon.

Mahbub Ali said, ‘With the change of government, especially those who were previously ministers, speakers, even vice-presidents and presidents, but all of them have returned here. We all should try together to make this place better. I like it in that sense. There is nothing not to like.’

Sheikh Hasina-led Awami League formed the government for the fourth time in a row by getting 222 seats in the January 7 polls. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s new cabinet took oath on January 11. In this, 36 ministers got the responsibility of state ministers. 15 ministers, 13 state ministers and 2 deputy ministers dropped from the new cabinet.


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