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They have never had the good fortune to see the open sky, nor will they: fire

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Musician Khan Asifur Rahman Agun is candid on various contemporary issues. This famous singer has also raised anger with the alcoholics and smokers of the country. Recently in a special interview given to a music portal, he talked about various issues.

Agun said, ‘People of this country spend 75 thousand crore rupees on liquor and 150 crore rupees on cigarettes. Still, many say with a big face, my country is poor. There are people in this country who don’t buy clothes without brands. After buying the brand’s clothes, he made a big noise and told everyone. I don’t like this behavior at all. I think nothing more than necessary is good.’

Nowadays, all classes of people have smartphones in their hands. Some use it for good, some for evil. Viewers are also leaning towards uninteresting content – raising these issues, Agun said, ‘For some people, there are many more anomalies in the society. Today, everything in the world is at hand through a smartphone. That’s a good thing. But what a tasteful, educated person would want to see or know with that smartphone, a tasteless or uneducated person would not want to see or know. They are more inclined towards non-artistic things. So I think that all technologies should not be open to everyone.’

At that time, Agun said, ‘Because everything is open for everyone in Netdunya, a terrible situation has come down in the country. My country ranks fifth among 206 countries in the world in the list of most viewed blue films.

Regretfully, Agun said, now 18 plus category movies in movies also means inconsistency. Children in the country are no longer reading ‘Adarsh ‚Äč‚ÄčLipi’ books. So how will the ideal man be made?

Agun thinks that there is no shortage of arrogant people in the media. He said, ‘When one or two hits hit, he starts to move on. Watch Shah Rukh Khan movies in India on mobile and catch his movie releases in theaters. The reason for wanting to block movies in a free market economy is the fear of being exposed to what the country’s producers and actors can’t do. There is no benefit to them with this fault. I think there is only one reason why they are down in sick competition in all respects. And that is that they have never been lucky enough to see the open sky; Never again.’

Incidentally, Khan Asifur Rahman Agun is the only son of famous Bangladeshi musician and filmmaker Khan Ataur Rahman and musician Nilufar Yasmin. He started his music career by singing in the movie ‘Kayamat To Keayamat’. Among the popular songs of this artist are ‘Aamar Swapnulo Ken Eman’, ‘O Amar Bandhu Go Chirsathi Patho Chowan’, ‘Baba Say Boy Name Karbo’, ‘Prithi Te Sukh Say If Kone’, ‘Aaj Ae Twilight Ksanne’ etc. Apart from music, he has also acted in films and plays.


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