Home News They dismantle a pink cocaine laboratory in Valencia

They dismantle a pink cocaine laboratory in Valencia

They dismantle a pink cocaine laboratory in Valencia

Agents of the National Police have arrested a man, a woman and their minor son, aged 17, in Paterna (Valencia) after dismantling a pink ‘tusi’ cocaine laboratory from which This narcotic substance was supplied to several points of sale in the city of Valencia, as reported by Headquarters in a statement.

The investigation, according to Europa Press, began after the agents of the Judicial Police Group of the Paterna police station learned that some people were dedicating themselves to the preparation of the one known as pink cocaine or ‘tusi’, which is why an operation was ordered to verify the facts.

After multiple investigations, the police identified three people, a man who was allegedly helped by a woman and her minor son, to ‘cook’ this narcotic substance. In addition, all of them were drug distributors to other parts of the city of Valencia such as nightclubs and nightlife venues.

Finally, and after carrying out two home searchesinvestigators seized 33 grams of pink cocaine, which had been made by adding liquid air fresheners to give the substance more attractive smells and flavors, 665 euros and various precision scales.

Furthermore, as a result of the investigation, the agents verified how The suspects recorded acquaintances with their mobile phones to whom small amounts of this narcotic substance were introduced through the nostrils while they slept, without them being aware of it and with the consequent risk to their health.

This operation concluded with the arrest of a man, a woman and their minor son, of Colombian origin, as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health. Those arrested, without prior records and in an irregular situation in the national territory, have been released after their statement and were informed of the obligation to appear before the judicial authority when required.