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They are at the door of the court hoping to return the candidacy

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While legitimate candidates will start campaigning after receiving symbols on Monday, many will still have to turn to the High Court in hopes of getting their candidatures back. Writ petitions of 57 candidates have been raised in two benches of the High Court on Sunday. 6 people got validity in it. And the application of 9 people was rejected.

The High Court is the last hope of the candidates who have not been validated by the Election Commission. On Sunday, many of the discussed candidates, including former mayor Sadiq Abdullah and Awami League candidate of Barisal 4, Shammi Ahmed, were seen in the High Court.

Abdullah Al Mamun, a lawyer of a candidate whose candidature was returned, said, ‘The Election Commission confirmed the cancellation of the returning officer’s order on appeal. Then I came to the Hon’ble High Court Division and filed a writ. The High Court declared our candidate valid.

Another lawyer Jiban Ahmed said, “At the end of the hearing, the court gave us this order that there is no legal complication in the candidate’s participation in the election.”

On this day, many voters, including women, appeared in court from remote areas on behalf of the petitioners. But many candidates have failed to prove the support of one percent of voters.

Tanveer Chowdhury, the lawyer of one such candidate, said, ‘They traveled all night to the court to give their statement to the learned court and to present that the signatures were duly executed. But they could not present the statements in front of the honorable judges.

Those who get their candidature back in the High Court – belatedly, the commission will allot symbols to them as per the rules.


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