Home Sports They approve the amnesty law and open the door to Puigdemont’s return

They approve the amnesty law and open the door to Puigdemont’s return

They approve the amnesty law and open the door to Puigdemont’s return

El full of the Congress ha approved this Thursday, with 178 votes in favor of the PSOE and its parliamentary partners and 172 against, the amnesty lawwhich seeks to benefit hundreds of people prosecuted by the ‘procs’ and that is now heading to the Senate.

After the latest amendments agreed between the PSOE, Junts and ERCthe debate has followed the planned script and the PP, Vox, UPN and Canary Coalition have shown their rejection of an amnesty that will foreseeably benefit hundreds of people prosecuted in the ‘procs’ and that will open the door to the return to Spain of the former president of the Generalita Carles Puigdemont.

If the initial deadlines are met, the amnesty law It will be definitively approved at the end of May or beginning of June.or, in the middle of the European election campaign, since it is expected to run out in the S-where the PP has the majority- the maximum processing period of two months.

During the debate, the parliamentary spokesperson for the PSOE, Patxi Lpezhas defended that the amnesty law closes the “political decision cycle“with which the Government wants to achieve the”reunion” in Catalonia, in the face of the “division” and “conflict” that, in his opinion, the PP continues to seek.

In a very combative speech with the Popular Party, he accused it of shelter behind the Penal Code when he was in the Government during the Catalan independence process, and to continue seeking confrontation.

Feijo harshly attacks Pedro Snchez

For his part, the leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Nez Feijohas shown his rejection of the amnesty lawwhich in his opinion divides Spain and Catalua into twoand has notified the Government that the regulations not pass the Senate filterthe one of the Justice and neither the one of the calle.

The head of the opposition has reproached the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who is going to amnesty terrorism, high treason or corruption and that he has “accomplished everything” that the Catalan independence movement asked for,”even the fines for which they embezzled”.

Feijo has charged against the head of the Executive, whom he has reproached for his unscrupulousor that it is a “President impdico“what to give”impunity” to the procs to act as if “nothing” had happened.

“What reconciliation do you see in the ways of the independence movement? The law has not been approved and they are already saying that they will do it again (…) This is not reconciliation, this is submission“, stressed Feijo, who also asked if the PSOE will support an independence referendum in Catalonia.

Junts warns: the conflict continues

For his part, the Junts spokesperson in the debate, Josep Mara Cerveraaddressed the Minister of the Presidency from the rostrum, Flix Bolaosto warn you that the standard “the only page that turns is that of repression and injustice, no more page.”

The historical political conflict continues to exist. What the amnesty does is return to politics what is of politics and, certainly, opening a window of opportunity to negotiate in detail the future of Catalonia, in a Catalonia that we want free“, has manifested.

Cervera has attacked the right and those who say that it is a law “tailored” to the independentistsbecause, in his opinion, what he does is respond to prospective investigations, false reports, arrests, fines, “tailored” judges, sentences and sentences

Regarding the processing in the Senate, once the plenary session rejects the law approving the PP amendments, the bill will return to the Lower House, so that Pedro Sánchez’s partners can once again restore the original text and the definitely approve.

Thus, see the light six months laterI know that the initiative was registered by the PSOE under the emergency procedure and after tough negotiations with Junts.