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There is no relief in the vegetable market, 700 kg of beef again

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There is no relief in the vegetable market even in the full season. The price of vegetables has also increased. There is no relief in the meat market. Beef is sold at 600-650 taka so far but still 700 taka per kg.

This picture was seen in various markets including Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Farmgate, Karwan Bazar, Banshree, Rampur in the capital on Friday morning. Due to winter, the presence of buyers in the markets was less in the morning.

Although the sellers give various excuses, the buyers claim that the price is increasing because of the syndicate.

Even though there is sufficient supply of winter vegetables in the markets, one has to pay 10 to 20 rupees more per kg than last week. Potatoes are sold at 60 per kg, while beans and tomatoes are sold at Tk 70 per kg. Eggplant 90 and green pepper 80 taka. Cauliflower-cabbage does not match under 50 rupees. Lau has reached the century mark in some markets.

The price of chicken meat has also increased in the markets. The price of broiler chicken has increased by Rs. 220 to 225 Tk per kg of chicken is being sold in the retail market. The price of golden breed chicken has also increased from Tk 320 to Tk 340.

Although the government fixed the price of beef at Tk 650, it is not below Tk 700.

The price of fish in the market is also upward. Different types of fish have increased from Tk 10 to Tk 60 per kg. Although there is supply of small hilsa in the market, big hilsa is not available.


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