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There is no ‘Khasir Paya’ in the ceremony, so the marriage broke up

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As per the previous promise, the bridegroom broke off the marriage due to the absence of ‘Khasir Paya’ in the food menu. One such incident happened in Telangana state of India. The groom’s side claims that the bride’s side promised to keep Khasi’s feet in the wedding ceremony. But they did not keep their promises.

The bride’s home is in Nizamabad, Telangana, according to Indian media outlet NDTV. And the groom’s house is in Jagatial. The incident took place during the engagement ceremony at the bride’s house last November.

The guests who participated in the ceremony said that when the khawa phase started after the engagement ceremony, the groom’s relatives saw that there was no khasi paya in the food menu. But Khasi was supposed to keep his feet. A heated argument started between the two parties.

Later, the quarrel between the two parties reached such a level that the police had to be called to the spot. But even the police came and could not solve the matter. In the end, the marriage broke up. Relatives of the groom said that they are seeing the fact that Khasir Paya is not served in the food as per the predetermined menu as an ‘insult’.

After this incident came to light, there is a lot of discussion on social media. Many are finding parallels with the incident in a Telugu movie. They say, there is such a scene in the Telugu movie Balagam. There too, the marriage broke up when the dispute between the two families reached an extreme over Khasi’s paya.


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