Home News There is no chance of ‘Arab Spring’ happening in Bangladesh: Foreign Minister

There is no chance of ‘Arab Spring’ happening in Bangladesh: Foreign Minister

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Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said there is no chance of an ‘Arab Spring’ situation in Bangladesh or US sanctions after the elections. And India’s former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs MJ Akbar said that it is not possible to suppress Bangladesh by showing fear.

They made this comment at the end of a seminar at the capital’s Foreign Service Academy on Sunday morning.

At that time, the Minister of State said, ‘Russia has not officially expressed any fear that the United States may create an Arab Spring-like situation in Bangladesh around the upcoming 12th parliamentary elections. There is no reason for such apprehension.’

Earlier, the official spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said in a statement last Friday, “If the results of the people’s vote are not satisfactory to the United States, there may be an attempt to destabilize Bangladesh like the Arab Spring.”

In response to the questions of the journalists, Abdul Momen said, ‘What Russia has said, it is not our issue. It asked them. Many people will say many kinds of things but we don’t want to say anything about it. We are sovereign, our balanced foreign policy. Who said what, did not say, it is their headache. We don’t want to be dragged by the superpowers. We want to continue with our balanced diplomacy.’

The foreign minister also said, ‘I don’t think the Arab Spring has any chance. We are a democratic country. Because of Sheikh Hasina, the country’s democracy is up and running. We will adopt the democratic process in the January 7 election.’

On the other hand, in response to questions from journalists whether Western countries are afraid of sanctions around the election, MJ Akbar, the former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of India, said, ‘Bangladesh’s foundation is now so strong that no fear will work. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh is leading the Second Liberation War. 75 Sheikh Hasina should be honored for her courageous role against the post-dictatorship.’


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