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There is fear that the price of dates will increase further during fasting

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Currently, the retail price of one kilogram of dates in the country’s market ranges from Tk 250 to Tk 1500. In last year’s Ramadan, this price was from 160 taka to 1000 taka. This time there is a fear that the price of dates will increase further during fasting. Traders say import of dates has decreased due to high duty. However, the consumer protection department warned that strict action will be taken if the crisis is created artificially.

In the fiscal year 2022-23, the duty on one kg of dates of normal quality was 5 taka 45 paisa. And the duty on packaged dates was 10 taka 90 paisa. This time the duty has increased 13 times. The duty to be paid is 64 taka 42 paisa per kg of dates. A packet of dates is 129 taka 55 paisa.

Which has affected the import of dates. According to information from Chittagong port, usually 40 thousand tons of dates arrive in the 6 months before fasting. But this time 14 thousand tons of dates have been released so far. However, the Department of Consumer Rights Protection said that 35 thousand tons of dates will reach before fasting.

Director General of Consumer Rights Protection Directorate. H. M. Safikuzzaman said, ‘This year we will continue our toughest activities. We are already working on our Ramadan based products. 35 thousand tons of dates are waiting to be released at the port. A part of it may have already been released.’

Now the price of dates per kg has increased by 40 to 80 percent. Traders say that if the demand increases during fasting, the price may increase further.

A date buyer in the capital expressed his anger and said that ordinary Muslims break their fast with one or two dates and the price is high.

Another customer said, the price of dates is so high that I am struggling to eat. The price is so high that I am in dilemma whether to buy or not to buy.

A date seller in the capital said that due to the high price of dates, the customer gets scared after hearing the price. Most buyers leave after hearing the price.

In this situation, the businessmen have been demanding to reduce the duty on the import of dates for many days.

Sirajul Islam, a fruit importer, said that if the purchasing power of the consumers is beyond their reach, they will not buy it. How can I sell it if no one wants to buy it?

The annual demand of dates in the country is more than 100,000 tons. Of this, 50 to 60 thousand tons are taken in Ramadan.


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