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‘There is a lack of preparation to implement the new curriculum’

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New curriculum has been introduced this year for class I to III and class VI to IX. However, economist Kazi Khalikuzzaman Ahmad said, there is no problem in setting policies, programs or allocation in many cases in the new education system, there is a lack of preparation for implementation.

Kazi Khalikuzzaman Ahmad said these things in a seminar at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital on Wednesday.

This time the new curriculum has been introduced from first to third and sixth to ninth class. After that, various aspects of the curriculum are being discussed and criticized in various circles. Experts feel that there is too much experimentation in the education system, which is not good for education.

A seminar on the mass signature campaign also discussed about the new curriculum. At this time, economist Kazi Khalikuzzaman Ahmad said that there is a lack of preparation in the implementation of the new curriculum. There is no problem in policy formulation or program planning.

Rasheda K Chowdhury, executive director of the mass signature campaign, said, first of all, different aspects of this education program should be looked at positively rather than negatively. In many cases teachers are unable to properly implement this system due to lack of necessary training. If training is given, the problem will be solved.

In the seminar, State Minister for Primary and Mass Education Rumana Ali said that changes in the evaluation system of students are being considered in the new curriculum. The aim of the new curriculum is to develop skilled human resources.

Various initiatives are also being taken to improve the quality of primary education. Work will also be done to eliminate the salary disparity of teachers, said the state minister.


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