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There are more independent candidates than Awami League boats in the election

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Awami League has more independent candidates than boats in this election. 268 candidates are contesting as independents against 266 party-nominated candidates. Analysts say that after this election without BNP, only independent candidates can play the role of the opposition in Parliament. Mentioning such competition for the first time in the electoral history of the country, they say – BNP’s withdrawal from the vote is a suicidal decision. The Awami League-BNP duel in the field of politics has been centered on the national elections for the past decade.

Before the 2014 elections, the BNP was in a tough movement strategy on the demand of the caretaker government. But that effort failed. On the contrary, boat candidates won unopposed in more than 150 seats.

However, after the dialogue, BNP decided to come to the 2018 polls. Under their leadership, Dr. Oikya Front prepared for the election. Team of Kamal, Kader Siddiqui, Asam Abdur Rab. Later, their 7 candidates won in the eleventh parliamentary election. There was also a stir about going to the parliament.

This time, BNP is going on a strike-blockade to demand elections under a non-partisan government. In the meantime, the announcement of non-cooperation movement has also been made. That’s why in this election without BNP, independent candidates of their own party are competing. This incident is the first in the history of the country.

Political analyst Haroon Or Rashid said, ‘Independent candidates will be elected from a strong position, secondly, independent candidates may move to the opposition after the election. BNP’s election boycott and the activities they are doing will be their extreme political suicide decision.

Analysts say that the BNP suffered the biggest blow on October 28 in the demand movement. The violent situation of that day changed the course of politics. In addition, the actions of US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lew and Ambassador Peter Haas and US visa policy have created unrest.

President of the combined civil society. Kazi Khalikuzzaman Ahmad said, ‘It is absolutely unacceptable to sit in power in a sovereign country and do tabedari of other countries. Some called foreigners, while others said that the United Nations should come here and conduct elections. Others say that a compromise should be made between the parties without the intervention of foreigners. It proves that there is no spirit of independence among them.’

In this situation, the challenge of a free, fair and impartial election is before the Election Commission. Besides, there should be careful monitoring to keep the polling environment smooth.


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