Home News There are many in the election, people will vote for whoever they want: Prime Minister

There are many in the election, people will vote for whoever they want: Prime Minister

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Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called BNP as a terrorist-militant organization to protect the country from them. Alleging that BNP is burning people and running riots across the country, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘There is no alternative to elections.’

On the occasion of the 12th National Assembly elections, Sheikh Hasina said these words while joining the election rally of five districts (Panchgarh, Lalmonirhat, Natore, Pabna and Khagrachari) from Dhaka district Awami League building in Tezgaon of the capital on Thursday afternoon.

Addressing the party leaders and workers, Sheikh Hasina said that there should be no conflict over the vote. In elections there are boats, independents and other parties too, people will vote for whoever they want. Elections should be conducted peacefully so that no one can complain about the elections. It doesn’t matter which party is real or not.

Sheikh Hasina said that as many candidates as there are should do public relations, independently. Give the people a chance to vote to elect the candidate of their choice. It will make democracy stronger. The head of government thanked all those who came to the election.

Sheikh Hasina also warned that strict measures will be taken if anyone from the party clashes. He said that Awami League is ensuring transparency and accountability in all areas of the country.

Sheikh Hasina said that every district will be freed from the landless and homeless if the government wins again.

Sheikh Hasina wants to vote in the symbol of Awami League to continue the development of the country. He said, ‘Boat is the only vehicle for people in danger. Even now, no matter how many roads we build, we have to keep in mind that if there is a flood, we rely on the boat to rescue us.’

The prime minister alleged that BNP has again started fire and terror in the country. The head of government also commented that the country should be protected from them.

Awami League leaders of the respective districts, upazilas, thanas, unions and wards and nominated candidates of the constituencies of the respective districts were also present in these programs.


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