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The world’s oldest forest found in New York!

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Recently discovered cities deep in the Amazon jungle. This large old city was hidden for thousands of years behind the overgrown trees. As soon as this news broke, it became known that the existence of the forest was found near the modern city of New York in America. Scientists say that the forest found here is the oldest in the world.

The British media BBC says that a group of researchers from Birmingham University in America and Cardiff University in Wales found this forest. Before, however, it was known that there was once a forest near New York. Now the researchers found out the age of that forest.

According to the research team, this forest was spread over an area of ​​400 km. Some of the plants that were here have also been seen by dinosaurs. By dating the stones found here, it is known that the age of this forest is approximately 385 million years.

The forest was discovered under a mine in Cairo, New York. In 2019, the original research was first started here. Now it is known that this forest is earlier than Amazon and Japan’s Yakushima.

But what kind of plants and animals were in this forest, it cannot be said for sure yet.

Earlier the existence of the city was found in Mahaban Amazon. According to the British media BBC, the existence of this city near the Yupano area of ​​eastern Ecuador was first discovered by the investigation department of the National Center for Scientific Research in France. Stefan Rosterin, the head of this department, said that the city’s streets and canals were connected to the houses and plazas of the Yupano area.

Due to volcanic eruptions, the soil in this area is more fertile than before. But this volcano is believed to have destroyed the city and society. Cities like Machu Picchu in Peru have already been found. Whether the people of the city found here lived a nomadic life, or built a small settlement, is still under research.

Stephane Rosterin, head of investigations at France’s National Center for Scientific Research, said, ‘This city is the oldest site found in the Amazon. All our ideas about civilization are Eurocentric. But this discovery proved that we need to change our thinking about culture and civilization.’

Antoine Dorison, another member of the research team, says, ‘This city proved wrong what we had about the culture of the Amazon.’

Researchers say that this city was built two and a half thousand years ago. People have lived here for thousands of years. However, it is not possible to say how many people lived there at the same time. It can be estimated from 10 thousand to 1 lakh.


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