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The world’s largest pleasure boat floated in the ocean

by Afonso
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The world’s largest pleasure boat ‘Icon of the Seas’ has started sailing. It started its maiden voyage on Saturday local time from the port of Miami, Florida, USA. A BBC report said this on Sunday.

Pramod Tariti is capable of transporting 7,600 passengers. Its length is 365 meters or 1 thousand 197 feet. Pramod Taree has 20 decks, 7 swimming pools, 6 water slides and more than 40 restaurants, bars and lounges. It is owned by Royal Caribbean Group.

According to BBC, Pramod Tariti is going on a 7-day voyage in the tropics.

However, environmentalists have expressed concern about the release of methane gas from Pramod Taree. They say the liquefied natural gas-powered Pramod Tari will spew harmful methane into the air.

Brian Comer, director of marine programs at the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), said: ‘This is a wrong move. Because we estimate that using LNG as a marine fuel produces 120 percent more greenhouse gas emissions than marine gas oil.’

However, a Royal Caribbean spokesperson told the media that the ‘Icon of the Seas’ is 24 percent more energy efficient than the standard set by the International Maritime Organization for modern ships.


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