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The world-society is not human alone: ​​Jaya Ahsan

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Jaya Ahsan is a popular actress from both sides of Bengal. Recently, he made his debut in Bollywood with the movie ‘Karak Singh’. The actress was praised for her outstanding performance in the Indian press. Despite all the good news, Jaya is worried. Because the new year 2024 starts one day later. And thirty-first night is a celebration of youth. Some people get so crazy about the celebrations that they burst fireworks and firecrackers on a moment’s notice and shake the air, creating massive noise pollution. Panic spread around.

The fear of the actress is there! Already only her devotees know about Jaya’s love for living beings. So before the thirty-first night, he came live on social media and gave a message to everyone.

Wishing the New Year, Jaya said, ‘Welcoming the New Year is definitely a happy moment. We all want to express joy together. But this joy of ours should not become the cause of the death of others.’

The actress spoke about the death of a 4-month-old baby, Tanjim Umair, due to the sound of firecrackers on the 31st night last year. In a video message, Jaya said, ‘Please do not burst firecrackers or crackers as we welcome the New Year. Last year, due to the sound of these firecrackers, the baby Umayer died of shivering. Birds sleeping in the trees at night die of heart attacks due to the loud sound of firecrackers. Stray dogs or cats sleeping on the street; Even the numerous wild animals around—they run away in great fear, many die. Many people have sick people in their homes, they suffer. Remember, earth-society is nothing but human beings alone. For those preparing to set off fireworks or lanterns to celebrate the Thirteenth, please do not do so. Please be moderate. Let no one’s life be endangered while welcoming your new year.’

Incidentally, Jaya Ahsan was last seen in Bollywood movie ‘Karak Singh’ released on streaming platform G-5. Pankaj Tripathi was his co-star in this movie directed by filmmaker Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury. Apart from this, there are stars like Sanjana Sanghi, Parvathy Thirubathu. Actress Jaya Ahsan has made it to Hindustan Times’ ‘Outstanding on OTT: Breakout Performance’ list.


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