Home Sports The Wolves take the lead in the West in the midst of controversy over the franchise’s refusal to sell

The Wolves take the lead in the West in the midst of controversy over the franchise’s refusal to sell

The Wolves take the lead in the West in the midst of controversy over the franchise’s refusal to sell

DAfter activating champion mode after All Star, The Nuggets have lost two consecutive losses at home for the first time this season. The last one, against the Timberwolves (98-111) in a duel in which the head of the West was at stake. Now it’s for those in Minnesota. The franchise has been involved in a sale process for years, but the current owner, Glen Taylor, stated this week that he will not take the final step. to get rid of it. He had agreed in 2021 to transfer it to businessman Marc Lore and former baseball player Lex Rodríguez in exchange for 1.5 billion dollars for 80% of their shares..

Matchday markers

  • Wizards 87-96 Pistons
  • Magic 97-100 Clippers
  • Pacers 109-90 Lakers
  • Hornets 97-115 Warriors
  • Cavaliers 117-114 Sixers
  • Nets 125-108 Bulls
  • Spurs 130-126 Knicks
  • Thunder 128-103 Suns
  • Heat 142-82 Blazers
  • Nuggets 98-111 Timberwolves
  • Jazz 100-101 Rockets
  • Kings 103-107 Mavericks

The team, as it is demonstrating on the court, is oblivious to the noise outside the locker room. “There’s a lot to be excited about in Minnesota. I wouldn’t sell it either,” Mike Malone said, Nuggets coach, after the loss. And the Wolves, a traditionally losing franchise, are even in a position to dream of the ring. Selling it right now could be a historic mistake by Taylor.

The result of that meeting has put the West’s leadership red hot. The Wolves lead with a balance of 51-22, the same as the Thunder, who beat the Suns 128-103. The Nuggets are only half a win away, but they have begun to suffer physical problems that they have not had throughout the course. Jamal Murray was out and Nikola Jokic has problems with a grimace. They did not prevent him from finishing 32 points, 10 rebounds and five assists, although he was more unsuccessful than usual. Denver’s dependence on its starting five makes any injury very concerning.

The Wolves also have a significant loss, that of Karl-Anthony Towns. To defeat the Nuggets they relied on Anthony Edwards (25+5+5), Rudy Gobert (21 points and 12 rebounds) and Mike Conley (23 and eight assists). “This team has a lot of resilience,” says coach Chris Finch, who assures that, regarding the non-sale of the franchise, “for us everything remains the same. There has been no domino effect at the troop level.”

Another disappointment from the Suns

The Suns have proven to be capable of the best and the worst. In Oklahoma it was the second. With his misnamed big-three, he lost by 25 (128-103) to the Thunder who did not have Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, his star. Those from Phoenix didn’t even compete after an even first quarter (34-32). Josh Giddey was the best with 23 points, seven rebounds and nine assists while rookie Chet Holmgren finished with 20 points and six rebounds.

Kevin Durant scored 26 points, Bradley Beal scored 15 and Devin Booker finished with 14. More was expected from everyone and only the season of the first of them could be saved. The Suns, who were listed as contenders for the ring at the beginning of this campaign, are seventh and are trying to reach the playoffs without having to compete in the play-in. That fight is very close. They are 1.5 wins behind the Mavericks and 0.5 over the Kings and 1.5 over the Lakers.

The Lakers, exhausted and touched

Third game in four nights, LeBron James and Anthony Davis suffering from physical problems… The circumstances were in place for the Lakers to lose. And they lost. In Indiana, 109-90. The forward, injured with an ankle, had 16 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists and the center, with an injured knee, added 24+15. They could not extend the streak of five straight victories. Tyrese Haliburton (21+8+8) and Pascal Siakam (22+11+6) They were the best in the Pacers who avenged their defeats in the final of the In-Season Tournament (123-109) and another more recent one (150-145).

Curry withstands the Rockets’ push

The Warriors added their third straight victory in their race to secure a place in the play-in. They defeated the Hornets 97-115 on the return of Stephen Curry to the place where his father played and grew up. His last four visits had been defeats, but this time made 23 points to emerge winner. Andrew Wiggins helped him with 20, in addition to eight rebounds and as many assists. It was a key victory for those from San Francisco, demanded by the push of a Rockets who currently have the best streak in the NBA: 11 consecutive wins after winning in Utah 100-101 with 34 points from Jalen Green.