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The winter is less, the markets of the capital are not frozen yet

by Afonso
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All the winter clothes including hoodies, leather jackets, sweaters are hanging in different shops of the capital’s shopping malls. However, even at the end of December, the sales did not accumulate. Traders still have to wait for buyers.

As the winter is less, the sale of winter clothes has not accumulated in the markets of the capital. Sellers claim that sales are half compared to last year. Along with winter, sellers are also seeing the effect of strike-blockade on sales.

As usual, sales of winter clothes are huge at this time of December. But this time, the sales are less because it is not so cold yet, the sellers said.

A trader in a market in the capital said, ‘Sales are very low now. It has not been winter, because of this, customers are still not available.’

Along with less winter, the traders of Newmarkt, Gausia Market, Aziz Super Market of Shahbagh are seeing the impact of the strike on sales. They think that the sales are low because the buyers outside Dhaka are not able to come.

A trader of Aziz Super Market said, ‘Nobody leaves their homes due to this strike. Those who are coming now will go outside Dhaka. Those who will stay in Dhaka, they are not coming.’

Buyers have complained about increasing the price of clothes. However, many businessmen are planning to discount prices to increase sales in the changing situation.

While there are less customers in shopping mall-market shops, the sale of winter clothes is more in sidewalk shops. Many people buy clothes from these stores because of the relatively low prices.


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