Home News The whole country is in danger of fire: GM Kader

The whole country is in danger of fire: GM Kader

The whole country is in danger of fire: GM Kader

Opposition leader and Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader commented that the country’s fire fighting system has collapsed. He made this comment in a statement sent to the media on Tuesday.

In a statement, GM Quader said, ‘Our fire fighting system has collapsed. Evidence shows that current firefighting capabilities are woefully inadequate. Every year, hundreds of people die in terrible fires. The whole country is in danger of fire. The nation wants freedom from the brutal reality of fires.’

Highlighting the information of the fire service, the Chairman of Jatiya Party said, ‘Last year, 27 thousand 624 fires caused a loss of Tk 792 crore 36 lakh 82 thousand 14. 102 people were killed and 281 injured in the fire. Although common people think this number is more.

In the statement, GM Quader highlighted some recent fire incidents. He said, ‘It is not only fire that causes loss of life and property. The people of this country are not safe anywhere today. Accidents have become routine. Death by rail cuts, drowning in launch accidents are frequent occurrences. The number of road accidents and the number of casualties are rising to new heights every day. Accidents are now considered a normal occurrence. The main reason for this is the lack of good governance. No accountability at any level. Corruption is spreading at an unstoppable pace. No one needs to follow the rules if there is power or illegal money supply.’

GM Quader said, ‘When something good happens, there is no dearth of people to take and give credit. No one wants to take responsibility for an accident. Time is wasted by blaming each other. So, accidents start happening elsewhere as a normal occurrence.’