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The web series-films that were in discussion throughout the year

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Metropolis 2 (Hiichi)
The most talked about web series of the year is ‘Mahanagar 2’. After streaming the series in 2020, the audience was waiting for the second season for a long time. Finally, in April this year, the wait ended. ‘Mahanagar 2’ directed by Ashfaq Nipun was released. It also surpassed the first season in viewership following its release on the streaming platform HyeChai. Musharraf Karim was widely praised as OC Harun in this series. Apart from him, some characters were added in the new season. The audience was impressed by the performances of Afsana Mimi, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Brindavan Das and Tanjika Amin.

Nineteen 20 (Charki)
The web film was released on streaming platform Charki just before Valentine’s Day (February 13). Afsana Ara Bindu, the star actress of Lux-Channel Eye Superstar, returned to the screen after a long time. It can be said that choosing him for the role was the right choice for director Mizanur Rahman Arian. Bindu won the audience’s appreciation for his simple appearance. Arifin Shubo, who spread romance with him earlier in the romantic scene, was the pair. Intekhab Dinar, Tania Ahmed and Hasan Masood were in other roles.

Internship (Charki)
‘Internship’ came to streaming platform Charki in February this year. The series brings a different flavor to the viewers who watch action, thriller or horror of this time. Although not much talked about after its release, it received huge critical acclaim. The story of the series progresses with different stories of an intern. Produced by Rezaur Rahman. Soumya Jyoti played the lead role. Apart from this, Mir Rabbi, Sadia Ayman, Shampa Reza, Sarah Alam, Taslima Hossain Nadi and many others acted.

Myshelf Allen Swapan (Charki)
The popular web series of 2022 directed by Shihab Shaheen is ‘Syndicate’. Where the character of Allen Swapan is a mystery and catches the attention of the audience. The spin-off of the series ‘My Shelf Allen Swapan’ was released on OTT platform Charki in April this year. It became a hot topic after streaming. The series has left behind all the content of Charki’s previous days in popularity! Rafiat Rashid Mithila came into the discussion in addition to praising Naseeruddin Khan’s wonderful performance in the title role. In addition, the young actor Abdullah Al Sentu impressed the audience with his short appearance on the screen. Apart from this, the song ‘Vayam Pakhi’ of this series became viral.

i am you (eyescreen)
Streaming platform iScreen started this year. The platform launched the inaugural web series ‘Aami Ki Tumi’. After streaming last July, the series gained massive popularity. Mehzabeen Chowdhury and Shyamal Mawla played on the screen. The series directed by Vicky Zaheed was impressed by the general audience as well as the critics. Junaid Bogdadi, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Wahida Mallik Jolly, Tariq Anam Khan, Sadia Islam Mou, Intekhab Dinar, Abudallah Al Sentu etc. were in other roles.

half past six (anytime)
The story revolves around the mysterious sixteen and a half floors of a luxury five-star hotel. The series released last April was directed by Yashir Al Haque. It was released on the streaming platform Hochichi. Afran Nisho, Zakia Bari Mom, Intekhab Dinar, Imtiaz Barshan, Afia Varna and others have played the lead roles in the series.

Dad, Someone Is Following Me (Binge)
‘Baba, Someone Is Following Me’ is a web film based on the real life story of filmmaker Shihab Shaheen. It was released on OTT platform Binge on November 23. The story of the movie has progressed in the story of father and daughter. The maker has skillfully brought out the victims of caste discrimination. Shahiduzzaman Salim and Tasnia Farin are in the lead roles. Apart from this, Irfan Sajjad, Sohail Mondal, John Cross (Australia) and others also acted.

Something Like An Autobiography (Charki)
Tisha-Farooqui is followed by fans as a star couple. Now the life story of this couple comes up in ‘Something Like An Autobiography’. After its release on the streaming platform Charki on November 30, the audience lapped up the web film. In addition to directing, director Mustafa Sarayer Farooqi also made his name in acting for the first time. Nusrat Imroz Tisha was praised for her performance in the movie. Even Tisha-Farooqi’s daughter Ilham is in this movie. All in all, this ‘autobiography’ is an amalgamation of several firsts. Where in the light of experience Farooqui has skillfully highlighted the dark aspects of society and the state system. Dolly Zahoor, Manowar Hossain Dipzal, Sharaf Ahmed Jiban and others also acted in the movie.

Mubaraknama (any)
Musharraf Karim showed magic in this series released at the end of the year. According to critics, the audience will remember the actor as Mubarak in ‘Mobaraknama’ like OC Haroon. The series started streaming on OTT platform Hochii last December 21. Since then, those who have seen it have been praising its creator Golam Sohrab Dodul’s Munshiana. The series also featured artists Sarkar Apu, Shabnam Faria, Shahnaz Sumi, Naureen Hasan Khan Jenny, Samia Athai, Syed Zaman Shaon and others.


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