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The wealth of the top rich increased by 14% in one year

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Manchester City was crowned the Deloitte Football Money League last year. The world’s richest club has shown by winning the treble that they are now the best on the field. But the reigning world champions have lost their seats. Real Madrid is once again the most expensive club in the world.

Deloitte Football Money League reports annually on the financial situation of clubs in different leagues around the world. There are two surprising facts in this report. The wealth of the top 20 teams increased by 14% to 9 billion pounds from last time. And while there were 11 English clubs in the top 20 in the 2021-22 season, this has dropped to 8.

Real Madrid’s assets increased by 11.9 million pounds compared to last season to 72.3 million pounds. The rebuilt Bernabeu, the club’s memorabilia sales and income from sponsors contributed to this. City’s income has also increased. But despite an increase of almost 10 million pounds in assets, City is behind Madrid (71 million 80 million pounds).

Bridges believes City’s stadium seating capacity (53,400) has had an impact on resources, ‘City’s matchday revenue is €8.3m, but the question is how they can get past €100m. Real Madrid and Barcelona will be far ahead in this direction.

It is normal for Madrid or Barcelona to increase their income. But the next information is startling. In the past few years, others have not been keeping pace with the English clubs financially. Some of England’s second-tier clubs are financially ahead of the best clubs in Europe’s other leagues. England is so far ahead of TV.

But Deloitte’s report found on-field performance also affected teams’ assets. For example, Liverpool’s income fell from 594 million pounds to 593.8 million pounds. But that only dropped them from three to seven. Manchester United’s assets have increased from last time to 649 million pounds, but they have gone from four to five.

Because in this one year, Barcelona’s wealth has increased from 540 million pounds to 696 million pounds. And PSG, which was in fifth place last year, is now third (69 million 70 million pounds).

Meanwhile, in the English Premier League, Tottenham (54.9 million) has topped Chelsea. And Chelsea (51 million 30 million) followed by Arsenal (46 million 30 million). Meanwhile, Leicester City, Leeds United and Everton, who were in the top twenty last time, have dropped out. They have been replaced by Frankfurt, Napoli and Marseille.

Deloitte Sports Business Group chief adviser Tim Bridges said, ‘It shows the Premier League can’t sit still. It is worth noting that, despite the increase in TV revenue, the league has had to miss out on more matches.

Although fourth in boys’ football, the most successful team in women’s football is Barcelona. Femeni’s wealth is now 1.16 million pounds. Manchester United are second on £7m, but have a share of boys’ jersey sponsors. Madrid’s women’s team in third (6.5 million pounds).


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