Home News The video of Kate Middleton making the purchase that silences the "social media madness"

The video of Kate Middleton making the purchase that silences the "social media madness"

The video of Kate Middleton making the purchase that silences the "social media madness"

This Monday the news broke in the British media thatKate Middleton had been seen “relaxed and healthy” in a farm store there a mile from his residence at Adelaide Cottage. At first, rumors about his recovery have continued to spread because there was no graphic evidence of it. But, as “The Sun” has reported, It seems that another customer in the store managed to record her without her or her. the Prince William they realized

Throughout the day this Monday there have been many experts in protocol of the British royal family who have doubted the reliability of this information. Since “This is life” they have come to call the Windsor Farm Shop to know more about this escapade in which it can be hinted that the princess’s condition is progressing adequately and that sooner rather than later she will return to public life. However, it has not been possible to verify the information about this departure and the establishment’s employees have limited themselves to saying that “we are not going to give statements.” Now, the media “The Sun” has contrasted its information by sharing exclusive photos in which you can see Kate accompanied by Prince William very happy to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

Windsor Farm Shop
Windsor Farm ShopWFS

The couple in the images appeared smiling and relaxed, wearing casual clothes while shopping. What is striking is that the rest of the clients do not seem to notice the presence of these members of the royal family that have caused so much talk in recent months.

The one who took the video of the couple was a customer who was excited to finally see the condition of the princess: “I noticed a couple choosing loaves of bread and the woman turned her face and I felt as if I had seen that face before.” . It seemed familiar to me. “I knew her from somewhere,” he began by telling “The Sun.” “Then William turned and I thought ‘wait, I know this person.’ I told the staff ‘I think it’s them’ as he paid. I went to my car and when they left the store I just recorded them. I think they left through a gate in the grounds. They just disappeared and I didn’t see any vehicles“said the client who supposedly came across them by chance.

“I didn’t get the impression that they were hiding who they were, but I guess they didn’t know how people would react. There had been a lot of speculation about their whereabouts and I got the feeling they were just trying to be quick. Kate seemed happy and relaxed. They seemed happy to be able to go to a store and socialize. Kate looked relieved, as if going to a store was a success. She felt natural,” she was not the only witness who attested to this, but she was the only one who thought to take out her cell phone.

As the aforementioned media reports, The images were released after last Saturday’s getaway of the Princes of Wales to an organic supermarket appeared on the cover. What caught the most attention about this exclusive is that there was no graphic report, but this would have a reason according to the editors of “The Sun”. “We have decided to report on its appearance in yesterday’s newspaper and show the images today. This is an attempt to put an end to what the Palace has called ‘social media madness’.“, they indicate from the aforementioned medium to continue talking about Kate’s condition. Although the princess appears to be healthy and fit, she will remain under medical supervision and will not work until next month. At the moment no exact date has been given for her return to public service, but several possibilities are being considered.