Home News The US will not let Ukraine fall, Austin said. He appreciated the Czech plan to supply ammunition

The US will not let Ukraine fall, Austin said. He appreciated the Czech plan to supply ammunition

The US will not let Ukraine fall, Austin said.  He appreciated the Czech plan to supply ammunition

The United States and the free world will not let Ukraine fall and will continue to support it in its defense against Russian invasion. US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin announced this today at the US Ramstein Air Base in Germany at the beginning of the negotiations on further military support for Kyiv.

“Russia is paying a huge price for (President Vladimir) Putin’s imperial dreams. At least 315,000 soldiers have been killed or wounded,” Austin said.

He noted that, in addition to human losses, Russia also has to reckon with economic consequences due to the war. “Putin’s decision to fight will cost Russia $1.3 trillion by 2026 on the originally estimated economic growth,” he said.


The US Secretary of Defense also said that Ukraine can continue to rely on US and Western aid in defense. “As US President Joe Biden said, Putin will not stop in Ukraine, but Ukraine can stop Putin,” Austin said. He noted that Kyiv therefore needs arms deliveries for its defense.

In this context, he thanked the countries that recently prepared new weapons packages. Right after the presentation of the new US aid for 300 million dollars, he mentioned the Czech plans to procure 800,000 pieces of artillery ammunition. He also thanked Britain, Germany, the Scandinavian and Baltic states or Poland.

“The US will not let Ukraine fall, this coalition will not let Ukraine fall, the free world will not let Ukraine fall,” Austin said. The media reported in advance that Austin will face questions from allies about the future of American aid at today’s meeting of the so-called contact group for Ukraine, which brings together about five dozen countries that support Kiev.


Since the beginning of full-scale Russian aggression, the US government has been sending military equipment to Ukraine from its stockpiles, which it then replenishes with money released by Congress.

But at the end of last year, she used up the last funds that lawmakers released for this purpose, and American military aid has been crippled ever since. The proposal, which would provide the government with an additional 60 billion dollars for military and economic support to Ukraine, has already passed the Senate, but the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives is blocking it for now.

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