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The urge to be self-reliant by avoiding incentive dependence

by Afonso
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In the new incentive structure, cash assistance has been withdrawn for almost all products in the textile sector. Traders claim that the government’s policies in the midst of energy and dollar crisis will have a major negative impact on the garment sector. They said these things on Thursday at the opening ceremony of the 4-day exhibition of textile machinery in Purbachal of the capital.

At that time, Prime Minister’s Private Industry and Investment Adviser Salman F. Rahman urged to avoid dependence on incentives and become self-reliant.

Almost 100% of the demand of yarn and fabric of the country’s knitting industry is met by the local industry. From cotton to yarn, and then to the process of making clothes, 100% value addition is claimed by those concerned in the sector.

At the opening ceremony of the 18th exhibition on machinery of the techstyle sector, the businessmen said that despite the increase in the price, the factories are not getting the required amount of gas, the dollar crisis has intensified even to open the LC.

BTMA president Mohammad Ali Khokon said, ‘We are not getting the fair value of the dollar. Cloningpack has also opened up the interest market. In the meantime, straw blows on the die. Yesterday we found out that our Intensive was pulled with 5 codes. All these 5 were cotton clothes.

Speakers urged foreigners to invest in this country in the production of woven garments. They demanded that the new incentive structure should not be implemented from January.

BKMEA Executive President Mohammad Hatem said, ‘It has been said, one percent, half percent has been reduced. What is really so? Over the last two days, many owners have called and said that this is a form of cheating that has been stopped because of reductions.’

In the event, Prime Minister’s Private Industry and Investment Advisor Salman F. Rahman said that the pressure of buyers to make environment-friendly clothes is increasing. He thinks that if we emphasize on artificial yarn clothes, it is possible to increase the export of 20 billion dollars more quickly.

Salman F. Rahman said, ‘If we give you gas at the market price in the world. But 50% subsidy is being given on gas price. The same is the case with electricity. Slowly we have to get out of this subsidy culture. But then we have to increase productivity.’

This fair will continue till February 4 at ICCB in Purbachal of the capital with more than 1000 brands of modern machinery from 32 countries.


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