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The uploader apologized for Mahir’s video

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Recently, a video of the popular small screen actress Samira Khan Mahi went viral. She is seen in a very simple form without makeup. However, after seeing the video, many people made harsh comments. Many have made racist comments about skin color. His colleagues and senior artists stood by Mahi in this incident. Apart from this, the person who made the video also apologized to Mahi.

It is known that Rimu Roja Khandkar recorded that viral video of Mahi on the shooting sets. He works in side roles in dramas and films. After uploading the video as a reel on social media, Mahi unexpectedly became a victim of trolls.

Expressing regret over the matter, Rimu said, “There have been many kinds of trolls and news surrounding a reel. Can’t we do something fun? Do you have to troll everything? Samira Khan Mahi is my sister, I did not do this intentionally. You were in front when I made the video, when you got out of the car with your sister’s baby—I felt the same way Indian heroines get out of the car. I actually did it for fun. Didn’t realize there would be so many trolls or filth about it. Sister I’m sorry (sorry), I’m sorry.’

He also said, ‘From now on, if I do a reel, I will do my own reel or I will do some content with co-artists. At their will. We are making a reel for fun, and for this, you will write these with such a big person, they will tell you how it is! What you are writing and saying, do you not have brothers and sisters? What are you saying in your head? It’s a very bad thing to do.’

Mahio opened his mouth when he was trolled for the video. Addressing the detractors, he said, ‘Sometimes negative comments about the skin color of actresses are heard. Such comments can be seen in the posts of many people outside of themselves. But that is not the case with an actor. The reason for this is actually unknown. Maybe many of us are walking with medieval mindsets. I personally have always valued work. There is a lot of effort, suffering and hard work in the place where I am standing now.’

Meanwhile, Samira Khan Mahi is busy shooting for the drama. He will soon be seen in the production company CMV’s drama called ‘Swapner Basar’. Niloy Alamgir paired with him in this drama.


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