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The United States imposed sanctions on 4 Israelis

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US President Joe Biden has imposed sanctions against four Israeli illegal settlers for allegedly attacking Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Biden signed an executive order authorizing the ban on Thursday local time.

Al Jazeera, a Qatar-based media outlet, said the banned individuals are accused of undermining stability and security in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Biden is under pressure for supporting Israel in the Gaza war. He gave this ban in such a situation.

Those banned are David Chai Chasdai, Einan Tanzil and Yanan Levy. They are accused of attacking and intimidating Palestinians. In addition, US sanctions have been imposed on another Israeli named Shalom Zikerman for allegedly torturing Israeli activists.

The sanctions will result in the seizure of assets held by the individuals in the United States. Besides, financial transactions with them will also be limited.

Earlier, US media Axios reported that the Biden administration was considering sanctions against far-right ministers Itamar Ben-Gavir and Bezalel Smotrich. But later they withdrew from this plan.

White House national security spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Thursday, “There are no plans to sanction Israeli officials at this time.”

Meanwhile, the White House also announced a new decree to punish extremists who have committed violence to settle settlements in the West Bank.

“Settler violence poses a serious threat to peace, security and stability in the West Bank, Israel and the Middle East,” US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said in a statement.


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