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The umpire got stuck in the elevator, the start of Pakistan’s game was delayed

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The third day of the Melbourne Test is underway. After Pakistan were bowled out for 264 runs in the first innings, Australia went into the midday break losing two top-order batsmen for just 6 runs in their second innings.

David Warner and Steven Smith came into bat after the break. Pakistani pacer Mir Hamzao is ready at the bowling end. But two umpires on the field forbade Hamza to bowl. The players of both teams were also surprised as the game stopped. It was later revealed that the third umpire of the match, Richard Illingworth, was trapped in the lift.

The start of the game may be delayed due to various reasons. But perhaps this is the first time the cricket world has seen something like this. The two umpires on the field could not start the game as Illingworth got stuck. Seeing this, the match’s reserve umpire Phil Gillespie ran from the boundary line to the third umpire’s room.

After a few minutes of stoppage, the game resumed with Gillespie taking the role of third umpire. Illingworth went straight to the umpire’s box as soon as he got out of the lift. He thanked Gillespie for continuing to play in adverse circumstances.

The second session started seven minutes late in the lift accident. Cricket Australia confirmed on social media X (formerly Twitter) that ‘the third umpire got stuck in the lift, delaying the start of the game.’ The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) page responded by writing ‘sorry’ to Cricket Australia’s post.
Not only the third umpire of the match, but also Channel Seven commentator Mel McLaughlin was trapped in that lift. He said that they managed to get out after being stuck for about ten minutes.

Meanwhile, reserve umpire Gillespie had to spend a busy time today. He replaced Illingworth as the third umpire. Later in the middle of the game, when the field umpire Joel Wilson came out in an emergency situation, Gillespie also had to perform the duties of the field umpire with Michael Goff for one over.

Pakistan started batting at 194 for 6 on Gillespie’s busy day. In the first innings, the visitors lost all their wickets in reply to Australia’s 318 runs, scoring 264 runs. The hosts started the second innings with a lead of 54 runs. But with the great bowling of Shaheen Shah Afridi, Australia defeated Usman Khawaja (0) and Marnash Labuchen (4) by just 6 runs. Then the elevator incident.

Australia could not capitalize even after lunch. On the first ball of the sixth over of the innings, Hamza sent another opener Warner (6) to the pavilion after breaking his stamp. The 31-year-old Bahati pacer also broke the stamp of Travis Head (0) who just came to the wicket in the next ball. Australia’s fourth wicket fell by 16 runs with Hamza’s double.
Smith became the shield in the batting disaster of the hosts. He continued to bat naturally in Tests. On the other hand, Mitchell Marsh provided worthy support to Smith. Even though Smith played a little bit better, Marsh scored runs with the ball.

Till writing this report, Australia has scored 176 runs for 5 wickets. Smith is unbeaten on 50 runs. Marsh missed the century by 4 runs.


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