Home News The Ukrainians hit other Russian refineries, a fire broke out in Syzran

The Ukrainians hit other Russian refineries, a fire broke out in Syzran

The Ukrainians hit other Russian refineries, a fire broke out in Syzran

A fire broke out in a refinery in Syzran, Russia, located 750 kilometers southeast of Moscow, which, according to local authorities, was caused by an attack by a Ukrainian drone. Reuters reported about it today with reference to the governor of the Samara Region, Dmitry Azarov.

Presidential elections continue today in Russia, which attacked Ukraine more than two years ago.

Images on social networks show massive flames engulfing oil processing facilities in the Samara region. No one was injured in the fire, Azarov said on the Telegram social network.

According to the governor, two Rosneft refineries in the area were targeted by Ukrainian drones, the one in Syzran caught fire, the attack on the refinery in Novokuybyshevsk was repelled. Workers in both facilities were evacuated.

Telegram channel Baza wrote that the fire in Syzran engulfed an area of ​​500 square meters.

As noted by the Russian-language BBC portal, at least three large Russian refineries have already been attacked since the beginning of the week. Bloomberg estimated that these refineries represent about 12 percent of Russia’s oil refining capacity.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Friday that Ukraine, fighting against Russian aggression, wants to expand the production of more technologically advanced long-range drones.

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