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The TIB sometimes makes statements like a political party: Minister of Information

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Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Joint General Secretary of Awami League. Hashan Mahmud said, ‘There is a need for civil society organizations like Transparency International Bangladesh-TIB, but the organization sometimes makes statements like a political party.’ The minister said this in a statement in Chittagong on Friday.

Based on a recent report by TIB, when the media headlined ’87 percent of Awami League’s candidates are millionaires’, the Information Minister explained that the price of 5 kathas of land in villages is Tk 1 crore, and there is no land below Tk 1 crore in Dhaka and Chittagong cities. That is, many people in the country are millionaires. When the TIB explained this again, the minister said in his statement, ‘The people were not confused by the words of the TIB. In my analysis they have rightly realized that the word “millionaire” does not carry any special weight now.’

Recalling TIB’s various statements on alleged corruption in Padma Bridge, the Information Minister said, ‘After the World Bank announced that it would not finance Padma Bridge, TIB said – the government’s decision to finance Padma Bridge from alternative sources may seem like a way to divert attention (from allegations of corruption) and Even if this decision is successful, it will not increase the acceptance of the government. Again after the resignation of the then Communications Minister Abul Hussain, TIB commented that it was too late, he should have resigned only a few months ago when the World Bank brought allegations of corruption. But later it was proved in the federal court of Canada that there was no corruption with the Padma Bridge. That is, these statements of TIB were baseless, fabricated.

During the corona epidemic, TIB made one statement after another, many of which were later proved to be false, Hasan Mahmud said, ‘Apart from the many imaginary images of corruption, TIB said that 7.8 percent of the country’s people, i.e. about one and a half lakh people, died without treatment due to corona. But at this time the total number of deaths was less than 30 thousand.

Citing an earlier example, the Information and Broadcasting Minister said, ‘In 2015, TIB called our great National Parliament a “puppet dance theater”. And they don’t make any statement against burning people alive by hurling petrol bombs, while someone jumps in with a kill-punch statement in the city corporation elections. These are the behavior of political parties.’

The minister said, ‘Institutions like TIB are needed to consolidate democracy in the country, to build a corruption-free society and for good governance. But it is expected that their reports should not be biased based on information and politically motivated.


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