Home News The threat of Iran and the activities of Houthi-Hezbollah, the conflict in the Middle East is increasing

The threat of Iran and the activities of Houthi-Hezbollah, the conflict in the Middle East is increasing

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Amid the ongoing war in Gaza, tensions between Israel and America are increasing with Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah and Yemen’s Houthi rebels. In such a situation, experts believe that the risk of a major regional conflict in the Middle East in the Israel-Hamas war is increasing. This unexpected tension has become a headache for US President Joe Biden.

Israel has been attacking Gaza since October 7. The growing number of Palestinian casualties in the ongoing war has sparked widespread tension across the Middle East. The mercury of excitement is rising one by one.

The security situation in the area extending from the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea and Iraq, Syria, Lebanon is gradually deteriorating.

Last Monday, an Israeli attack in Syria that killed a top Iranian general has increased this fear. Iran has threatened to retaliate for the killing of an Iranian army officer by Israel, calling it a “huge loss”.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah is retaliating against the Israeli aggression in Gaza. Initially, the attacks were limited to the border areas, but recently, Israel has increased its attacks on Hezbollah positions inside Lebanon.

On the other hand, Yemen’s Houthi rebels pose a threat to Israel and its Western allies in the Red Sea.

This geopolitical instability has now extended to India. Last Saturday, a chemical tanker was attacked by a drone in the Indian Ocean. The Pentagon said the ship was hit by an Iranian drone. However, Iran has denied involvement in the incident.

Joe Biden is running for a second term in the 2024 US presidential election. In such a situation, the US foreign policy has become one of the challenges for him. Criticism of the war policy of the Biden administration is increasing, especially in the Middle East, with continuous attacks on US troops. And this is reducing the popularity of Biden.


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