Home News The theft of Sindh came back, ‘destruction’ in three houses of Swarnghosh.

The theft of Sindh came back, ‘destruction’ in three houses of Swarnghosh.

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Once upon a time there were mud houses in the villages of Mofswal. At that time, there were frequent thefts in mud houses at night. At present, most of the houses are made of bricks, so the case of theft is not seen anymore. When people almost forgot, three houses were stolen in one night.

The theft happened in Swarnaghosh village of Ward No. 8 of Shariatpur Municipality on Friday night. This incident created panic in the area.

Citing locals, the police said that the incident took place on Friday night in the mud house of Asim Kumar Das, Mahadev Chandra Das and Vipul Chandra Das of Swarnghosh village of Ward No. 8 of Shariatpur Municipality.

Mahadev and Asim Kumar, the owners of the stolen house, said that around 3:30 in the night, when a child cried in the house of Mahadev Chandra Das, everyone in the house woke up. They then found the house ransacked and the thief fled with the mobile, watch and clothes.

Saffar Sikder, another resident of Swarnghosh village, said, ‘We are terrified of the incident of cutting the Sindh. The incident of four Sindhs being cut in three rooms in the same night is alarming.’

When asked about this theft incident, Bangladesh Human Rights Commission Shariatpur District Branch President Advocate Masudur Rahman Masud told the media, ‘People of the Hindu community use gold ornaments more. It seems to me that this gold ornament can be stolen. Apart from this, I think that such incidents can happen due to the increase in commodity prices and unemployment at present.’

In this regard, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Palang Model Police Station of Shariatpur Sadar, Mejbah Uddin Ahmed said, ‘I have heard the incident of theft by cutting the sindh. No one came to the police station with a complaint. Necessary action will be taken if complaints are received. This incident seems different to me.’


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