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The team director meeting with the board president to extend the contract

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Mohammad Hafeez took charge as the director of the Pakistan cricket team after the last ODI World Cup. The former captain of the country was also given the responsibility of the head coach of Babar Azam-Shaheen Afridi. Pakistan lost the T20I series with New Zealand 4-1 after a test against Australia under Hafeez.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is once again undergoing changes. Recently, Zaka Ashraf stepped down from the post of PCB chairman. The new chief executive will be determined from the board election. Until then, Shah Khawar has been given the responsibility as the interim chairman of PCB. But the renewal of Hafiz’s contract as a director is stuck in the tide of change.

Hafeez’s contract with PCB has only one month remaining. Hafeez tried several times to extend the contract but got no response from PCB’s management committee. He finally met Interim Chairman Shah Khawar and talked about extending the contract. Hafeez also attributed Pakistan’s recent failure to the cricketers’ greater focus on franchise leagues.

The country’s cricket website Cricket Pakistan reported on Friday that Hafeez had an urgent meeting with PCB interim chief executive Shah Khawar after arriving in Lahore. PCB Chief Operating Officer Salman Nasser was also present there.

According to Cricket Pakistan, in the meeting, Hafeez highlighted the reasons for the failure of the Pakistan team in the Test series against Australia and the T20 series against New Zealand. The Pakistan team director also gave recommendations on how to improve in the future by correcting mistakes.

The 43-year-old Hafeez also mentioned in the meeting, (in the Australia and New Zealand series) the players lacked focus. Many are contracted with various franchise leagues. When they will go there to play, that thought was more. In the meeting, Hafiz brought up the contract renewal as a director. However, the interim chairman did not immediately take any decision in this regard.

PCB can’t make announcements on their own. The cricket board has to take the permission of the country’s government for any major decision. Cricket Pakistan has said that the PCB will make a formal announcement of the renewal of the contract soon after receiving the approval of the inter-provincial ministry. Notably, the ministry has asked the PCB to refrain from long-term contracts. That is, the term is extended step by step.

Hafiz’s meeting with Shah Khawar lasted for 30 minutes. Later, Hafiz had a separate meeting with Salman Nasser. It is understood that the former captain is trying to renew the contract.


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